Management and agility (series)

This series of articles exposes the management issues that I have encountered and gives you my insight and feedback that led to the development of ZAPPIK methodology.

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Management is a fuzzy science whose paradigms evolve along the times. The continuous flow of social change and innovation undermines methods validated in past eras. In just a few years, change causes their obsolescence and pushes us to make them evolve.

For 25 years I managed digital projects and faced two major problems:


  1. lack of time to effectively manage my projects
  2. the inertia and resistance to change of my teams


These two symptoms result in a strangulation of our ability to implement a project, in my case, digital project.

Diagnosis # 1: lack of time

The lack of time problem is chronic with us, executives and managers in small and medium-sized enterprises. It becomes critical and it is an important risk factor when it affects our company's strategic development.

As managers, we are required to take vital strategic decisions for our company.

Taking a decision requires comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

We must get essential information and have had time to analyze the hypothesis related to the project.

In large companies, this problem is transferred to the different management levels situated under you.

It's the classic

C’est le classique:


“Jones, I need a report on the current market conditions and our competitors' positions for next Monday”…


In a small or medium-sized company, subsidiaries, business units, you can only count on your own capacities because all the employees are loaded to the full extent of their capabilities.

If you outsource a task, you will need to find your provider, explain to him what you want and supervise his work.

Choosing a provider is not an easy thing to do.

You will pay many of them in order to find the right one and it is likely that you will spend as much time on it as if you had done the job yourself.

In the end, you will do the job yourself because you know how to be efficient.

Big mistake!


Schedule overload

By piling up tasks you will end up doing everything very quickly and efficiently, but you will not think as much. 


And, indeed, thinking must be your priority.


It is your gray matter that is valuable, not the number of executive tasks you can fit in your schedule.


Let's return to our topic. I was in a situation where, by constantly charging my schedule, I ended up losing interest in my work which had become a simple matter of managing tasks that had to be completed as soon as possible.


What I like above all, and where I excel, is reflecting, imagining, analyzing and converting that into concrete projects. Obviously, I no longer had time to do this.

The manager becomes a follower

Let's now talk about my field: digital.

Studying a technology, even its implications, its potential and evolution is vital in this domain.

Since the web's inception, I have seen a wide variety of new technologies, practices, and changes. Seeing clearly through it all is a real challenge.

Without an exhaustive vision based on observation and experience, you are bound to follow the fashionable trends instead of leading the way. You will take decisions based on the following principle:


“if everybody is doing it, it must be good”.


In few words, you will inevitably condemn your enterprise to stagnation and remain at the mercy of your more visionary and innovative competitors.

This position is not sustainable. You must react.

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ZAPPIK is the first method to take advantage of the illimited resources available remotely to accelerate and secure the development of digital projects.


The orchestration of external resources is the key.

But do you have the time to manage a remote team of geeks?


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No need to recruit, go hunting providers, write specifications.


Everything is managed for you so you can focus on your business and not on managing the thousands of tasks required by any digital project.



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