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In the previous articles, I expose the management issues that I have encountered and give you my insight and feedback that led to the development of ZAPPIK method.

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This article tells you why resistance to change threatens your innovation projects. The psychological processes at work are finally easy to understand. I explain them in my book detailing ZAPPIK method.

Problem # 2: resistance to change

Do you believe that your team members have more time available than you?


The answer is probably NO !


And what do employees who have put in place their work method and who are disturbed?


They resist!


It is a well-known attitude, normal, and perfectly identified.

If one does not give the means and an immediate benefit to an employee to modify his planning and his methods, failure is assured.

Modifying work methods requires training time, an involvement process and proven beneficial results.

I have been confronted with this situation and have come to the conclusion that in an enterprise we can not change the internal functioning when there is no concrete example of the benefit to apply changes.

You can not disturb the current teams, so you have to isolate the problem.


The only solution is to develop your new projects outside your company teams : outsourcing is the key.


The goal is to provide the proof by the result that changing the method is more efficient.

It will be necessary to recruit a team trained in the new methods and technologies envisaged and put it to work alongside the existing teams.

The lack of time comes back to the fore

The question of the lack of time available in the manager's planning to put all this in use comes back in force.

How to handle all this in addition to his stack of tasks, appointments and business trips?

The cost is a major barrier

It's also a question of budget. Recruiting is expensive in time and on budget.

It will be necessary to mobilize technical means to welcome these new team members and train them to your company, your products, your customers...

This is a hard decision to take, especially since you are absolutely not sure of its success.


photo: CC David Guyler

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ZAPPIK is the first method to take advantage of the illimited resources available remotely to accelerate and secure the development of digital projects.


The orchestration of external resources is the key.

But do you have the time to manage a remote team of geeks?


Thanks to its platform and a pool of specialized Project maestros to perform resource orchestration, ZAPPIK breaks the rules and enables you to INTERNALIZE the management of your projects with REMOTE resources.


No need to recruit, go hunting providers, write specifications.


Everything is managed for you so you can focus on your business and not on managing the thousands of tasks required by any digital project.



70% of digital projects fail. Learn the secrets of the 30% who succeed!

It's all about risk

With Zappik method, projects run with minimum risk for all stakeholders. It's the key to success. To fully understand how to engage in digital without losing your investment, start by reading our white paper. In 5 minutes of reading, you'll have the keys to avoid the traps of digital.

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