Management and agility (continued)

In my previous articles, I expose the management issues that I have encountered and give you my insight and feedback that led to the development of the ZAPPIK method.

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Time is one of the most precious things in our today life. We are lacking it and the more we are in charge of responsibilities, the more our available time diminishes. Finding time for reflection is essential to ensure the introduction of innovation, the adaptation to changes of the company.

Get again the time for thinking

Most of my fellow managers work their noses on the handlebars throughout the year, neglecting their loved ones by staying focused on managing their infernal schedule.

They have only one need: find time for them and enjoy their children and hobbies. Fortunately, there are holidays for that.

They spend the first two weeks decompressing and then begin to think again in the normal way.

They imagine solutions to their management and strategy problems then resume the work full of good resolutions to change the methods of the company and set up strategic projects designed during the holidays.

They are then confronted with the obstacle of the management of the tasks accumulated during the holidays.

Acting quickly becomes the priority. They are working twice as hard to catch up and once again find themselves stuck in the management of their schedule.

What has become of the time for thinking that they gave for themselves during the holidays?

Frustration causes action

By seeing himself in relapse and feeling the frustration of not being able to implement the planned actions arrives the abrupt decision of the immediate start of the projects he imagined.

The manager summons everyone to a meeting and distributes assignments to the staff.

He settles his frustration by unloading himself from the operational implementation of the project.

In this example, we assume of course that the team has all the skills to take charge of the project.

He will get some time to think and decide. He finally delegates, driven by necessity.

All the better, that's what needed to be done!


The solution is therefore: delegation


  1. Internally when skills are available
  2. With outsourcing if skills are not available in the company


If the project is managed internally it is the beginning of the second problem: the resistance to change of his team.

photo: CC Jacob Bøtter

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