ZAPPIK is a method for digital project orchestration that revolutionizes the making of applications for your business.


ZAPPIK applies an agile methodology for orchestration of remote resources with its specific online software. It provides a framework that decreases the risk and speeds up your projects. Most of all, it connects as many outsourced resources as needed when it's required.

Digital : the big headache !

All companies wishing to obtain a web or mobile application meet the problem of managing the development.


For a customer, having a web or mobile application corresponding to his needs is at best a puzzle and at worst a nightmare.


For the most part they will not get what they want and will see their project exceed deadlines and budgets.


This problem is caused mainly by their lack of availability.



Leaders and managers have infernal schedules and are already saturated with work. They can not overload their schedule to ensure a permanent follow-up of their project alongside the developers.


They are therefore forced to delegate the making of the application and enter into a process of specification, hunting for providers, the study of the proposals, and waiting for their digital application.


This process is time-consuming, resource-intensive, generates frictions between the project owner and the provider to and is ultimately painful for all the actors.

Who is concerned?

All companies that do not have an in-house team specifically dedicated to Agile digital development management are concerned.

Digital : ZAPPIK's solution

ZAPPIK is an innovative resource orchestration service that solves the problem of managers' lack of time and the lack of available internal resources.


ZAPPIK method frees project managers from 80% of the development management tasks they would normally have to take on.


ZAPPIK allows to INTERNALIZE the use of remote resources thanks to the orchestration of these resources managed in project mode.


ZAPPIK provides the 4 essential elements required to succeed in digital:



  • A dedicated online software
  • A pool of Project maestro
  • Outsourced developers and specialists
  • A methodology framework

The software

The method is based on an online application that allows the project Owner to describe his needs according to his own terminology.


No more detailed specifications that take months to write


Project owner's needs are refined through the dialogue established with the project maestros.


See below, the comparison WATERFALL vs ZAPPIK

Each feature is estimated in time and cost over the needs expressed and it is to the customer himself to decide his budget, deadlines, and what he prioritizes in his project.


He is totally free to change his mind along the developments, therefore, his project evolves in total freedom with the features he adds according to his priorities.


Corrections and improvements are made continuously, which limits the risk of obtaining an application that does not comply with his wishes.

Project Maestro : expert in project resources orchestration

A team of expert project managers is working to evaluate and orchestrate customer-related developments. They manage for him 80% of management tasks that are not crucial for decision-making.


The project maestros handle all the time-consuming tasks: recruitment, training, supervision of the service providers and freelancers.

Freelancers : skilled experts

Zappik's orchestration platform allows the permanent monitoring of external developers and their progress, bugs fixes, quality of work.


It is possible to involve any hi-skilled specialist quickly and only during the time required for his job. It is cost reducing and a drastic simplification of recruitments:


there is no more need to recruit the 5-legged sheep you will pay at a high price, while his advanced skills are not exploited at 100% for all duration of the project.

Contract simplification

The development in ZAPPIK method is like a contract for time and materials. The project owner is free to stop his contract at any time, to request an acceleration or to slow down the developments by mobilizing more or fewer resources.


The method imposes a continuous tracking of work and of the associated payments for carried out services as and when the product code is delivered.


As a result, the risk of litigation is very low on both sides, which basically secures the project and increases his chances of success.

Cost containment

The cost of the ZAPPIK orchestration of resources is NULL or negative.


The use of the ZAPPIK method does not reduce the volume of projects or the skills to be used. However, the application of the method itself does not require more resources.


This is not a method that reduces the costs compared to conventional agility management. However, it reduces a lot the time of the project owner and the provider in pre-contracting step.


These costs that can be heavy are saved before the project starts.


Where it proves also to be very interesting is that Zappik makes it possible to access a drastic reduction of risks and de facto the cost of these risks.


The platform itself is TOTALLY FREE to use. There is no added cost, you pay just the resources.


Advantages of ZAPPIK method

  • Up to 80% of project management time saved by the client
  • Quick start of development (average 5 weeks less)
  • Control of budget and delays overruns risk
  • Permanent reporting (no more technical team "black box" effect)
  • Limitation of frictions between the client and the development team
  • No HR resources to manage on the client side
  • Continuous delivery of functional code by iteration

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ZAPPIK is the first method to take advantage of the illimited resources available remotely to accelerate and secure the development of digital projects.


The orchestration of external resources is the key.

But do you have the time to manage a remote team of geeks?


Thanks to its platform and a pool of specialized Project maestros to perform resource orchestration, ZAPPIK breaks the rules and enables you to INTERNALIZE the management of your projects with REMOTE resources.


No need to recruit, go hunting providers, write specifications.


Everything is managed for you so you can focus on your business and not on managing the thousands of tasks required by any digital project.



70% of digital projects fail. Learn the secrets of the 30% who succeed!

It's all about risk

With Zappik method, projects run with minimum risk for all stakeholders. It's the key to success. To fully understand how to engage in digital without losing your investment, start by reading our white paper. In 5 minutes of reading, you'll have the keys to avoid the traps of digital.

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