All freelancers, all platforms, one contract, one billing

Managing disparate contracts from platforms around the world is a real headache. Zappik gathers all your needs and contracts for you. We mix available resources and group their billing. Using the best resources at the best price is now possible without any accounting or contractual difficulties.

ZAPPIK: the hub of remote work platforms.

contracts on frelancing platforms grouping

We defend your interests

Zappik contracts for you and protects you from administrative and legal difficulties. You benefit from our independent position on the international market to weigh in the relationship with freelancing platforms.

You simplify your life

No more complex legal conditions to analyze, documents to provide to each platform, accounts to open and billing to monitor. You are freed from this complex and time-consuming management.

Your accountant will thank you

It is the end of heterogeneous bills received continuously, tedious bank reconciliations, long and painful control of tariffs. You choose your billing period and receive a single group invoice.

Transparent billing

All invoices for contracts placed for you are fully reported to the nearest cent and justified. We do not add any margin, you just pay our commission of 10%. That's all for this great service.


Simplify your life

Estimate your project

An army of pros

Battalions of remote experts are available to execute your strategy. Contract for each of them is complicated, long and painful. Let us do!

Execution now simple

Don't worry about contracting on each platform, controlling a stack of contractual and accounting documents, we simplify everything to you.

Ideas come real

You move quickly without having to worry about the usual hassle to find resources, engage them on your projects, control them. Take out your projects!


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