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Our priority: to help you succeed in your project


ZAPPIK simplifies project leaders' life by orchestrating the necessary resources. A pool of resources orchestration experts is at your service to intervene, advise you, and boost your digital strategy.

Project leaders

Digital growth?

See clearly and multiply your wealth by the digital.


Innovate without disrupting your organization.


Know where to go, see how and decide.


Identify the appropriate technology, remove technical barriers.

We assist you to take control of our methodology.


ZAPPIK is an innovative methodology framed by automated processes. We help you understand and handle it.

ZAPPIK is questioning the current modes of project management. Contact us for advice or clarification on methodological issues.
Ask for help to understand the ZAPPIK method to accelerate your project from its origin. Our experts escort you to help in taking the right decisions.
Our team of Project Maestros is available to give you the help you need to reframe or avoid the drift of your project.
ZAPPIK method allows you to implement the digital transition of your business without disrupting it. Don't be afraid of transition anymore.

Understanding and knowing how to approach digital is often beyond the reach of SMB managers.


You just don't have the time. ZAPPIK method simplifies the support process by orchestrating the resources. This accompaniment is progressive and produces results delivered at each stage.


Do not stay alone in facing digital, it is about the survival of your business.

Deciding is knowing in order to be able to make a decision.


ZAPPIK allows you to benefit from the best advice and analysis to make the right choices. The resources are framed to produce digital applications step by step without having to worry about the skills to recruit or technologies to implement.


Our online software optimizes all processes and drastically reduces the risk of failure of your project.

Digital requires a set of specific skills whose marketing is an essential pillar.


ZAPPIK is used to coordinate your digital marketing strategy in the same way that it allows the management of application development.


Your project can be implemented with simple steps and produce convincing results in full coherence with the overall project scope.

ZAPPIK is based on the unlimited use of remote human and technical resources.


It frees the project leader from the hassle of recruiting employees or contractors.


Remote resources are managed according to ZAPPIK methodology by the online platform that regulates interaction with involved actors.