Digital is a very vast concept. Most of my fellow executives find it hard to know where to start and how to adapt their business. But they have to because of the changing environment of the use of digital by their customers.

Consulting firms specialized in strategy and business organization, transition managers and consultants are very helpful in defining goals and their recommendations are often very relevant.

Yet, when it comes time to act and implement the advice of these experts, several factors slow down or even stop the transition of the company to digital:

  1. temporal: no one has time to manage the project (especially the leader),
  2. dimensional: the project is often too big in its approach,
  3. financial: the amounts involved are often disproportionate to the expected benefits.


Today, ZAPPIK is changing the game to ensure the smooth transition of businesses to digital.


#1 We orchestrate your project to protect your interests

ZAPPIK is an orchestration service that has Project Managers Seniors to handle all the technical aspects of your project for you.

  • No need to recruit or solicit providers,
  • You are no longer limited in technology or human resources,
  • You do not waste time in fighting with computer scientists...


#2 You progress step by step on small scopes

We support you throughout your transformation by starting with the digital structuring of your services.

Management, administration, production, each function is optimized thanks to digital by small successive improvements producing an immediate benefit.

  • No delay, the project starts immediately,
  • No need to jostle everything, you go at your own pace,
  • You can change your mind or change your project at any time


#3 finance your growth with savings!

With optimized management, you realize savings that allow you to develop your products and services. Your business is more profitable and more responsive.

You can calmly tackle new business models and conquer new markets thanks to digital.


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mei 15, 2018