In my previous articles, I expose the management issues that I have encountered and give you my thoughts and feedback that led to the development of the ZAPPIK method.

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In the previous article, we saw how Outsourcing and Agility solve the resistance to change but aggravates the unavailability of the manager. We now see how to use a Product Owner Proxy (simply called Proxy in Zappik method) to support the unavailability of the manager.

The Agile Proxy

The Agile Proxy is a Project Leader by Project Owner Delegation. He has great analytical skills and knows how to translate needs into clear expressions to be used by the providers and who masters the relationship with the people of the company.


Le Project Maestro est un mouton à 5 pattes que vous avez peu de chances de pouvoir recruter. Le Proxy est lui probablement déjà dans votre entreprise!


C'est un rôle précieux chez le client qui connaît très bien les impératifs du business et ses contraintes. C’est à lui qu’incombe de faire le recueil des besoins et de réceptionner les livraisons.


Cette fonction peut être externalisée en cas de besoin.


La solution à l'indisponibilité du Project Owner consiste à établir une gestion du projet qui lui laisse la capacité de prendre les décisions mineures et la gestion quotidienne que ne peut assurer le Project Owner. Il n'aura pas à s'occuper de la gestion technique ni humaine de l'équipe qui est toujours à la charge du Project Maestro.


Ce dernier s’occupera de recruter les profils nécessaires à votre projet en externalisation et les gérera pour les affecter au bon moment, et aux mieux de leurs compétences.

Software: the weakest link

This management of external service providers formed as a team around your project can only be done from a management software that each member of the development team can adopt immediately and intuitively.


Au fil des années, avec mon équipe, nous avons utilisé pratiquement toutes les solutions de gestion de projet existantes sur le marché.


Certaines sont très performantes mais AUCUNE ne solutionnait notre besoin d’assurer SIMPLEMENT et GLOBALEMENT la gestion et l’interaction d’une équipe de développement externalisée.


Il était impossible d’intégrer au pied levé un développeur, un designer, un spécialiste en telle ou telle spécialité. Un temps d’apprentissage était nécessaire et nous perdions beaucoup en efficacité.


Nous avons donc développé notre propre outil.



Simplification and optimization of project management

It is an online software that allows both the customer to simply describe his needs, define his priorities, and the rest of the development team to work downstream with this software in immediate handling.


The division into functional units is operated downstream in the software without the complexity going back to the client's side.


The cost of required resources needed by each feature is indicated and the dialogue on the points to be specified is done with ease.

It remains to the customer to arbitrate the order of priority because he knows permanently the budget that remains and the importance of what he asks.


The software allows the tracking of bugs and tests with users. The Proxy collects their opinions and makes the progress of the application development in a pragmatic way to avoid wasting time on points of secondary importance.


With the ZAPPIK method coupled with its platform, Project Owners save up to 80% of the usual time they would have to devote to the management of the development!

Produce quickly with efficiency

The developers are fast and efficient because they stay focused on the processing of their tasks thanks to the software and the Project Maestros that organize agility remotely.

The role of the Proxy makes it useful to avoid making the project unstable by often difficult interactions with company managers who do not have the time to take care of it.


Each expert is chosen for his best balance between cost and competence.


Experts intervene just during the necessary time to carry out their job to deliver the maximum value in the project at a lower cost.

Deliveries are made over the ordered features, allowing testers to continuously give feedback to improve what can be done.

Risks are reduced to the minimum and the application grows in functionality. Thanks to the Proxy's role, what is delivered is functional, tested and corrected with user feedback.

Finally, the customer is free to judge what is important and even change his mind at any time. He is unloaded from common management tasks and can easily arbitrate feature expenses out of the application's budget.


Orchestration of external resources is a revolution in digital project management.



The proxy on client side is often required to ensure the proper control of a project. His role allows the project Owner to be relieved and to be able to rely on a better consideration of the needs of the company. This solution allows:

  • Simplification of the Project Owner role
  • Unlimited orchestration of outsourced resources
  • Better consideration of the needs of the company
  • Accelerated project implementation
  • Thanks to a global orchestration framed by dedicated software

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ZAPPIK is the first method to take advantage of the illimited resources available remotely to accelerate and secure the development of digital projects.


The orchestration of external resources is the key.

But do you have the time to manage a remote team of geeks?


Thanks to its platform and a pool of specialized Project maestros to perform resource orchestration, ZAPPIK breaks the rules and enables you to INTERNALIZE the management of your projects with REMOTE resources.


No need to recruit, go hunting providers, write specifications.


Everything is managed for you so you can focus on your business and not on managing the thousands of tasks required by any digital project.



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