Give your projects a chance

Do you have a project to launch? Whether marketing, digital, content production, or engineering, you have to know the required resources and their cost. Take the right decisions based on an unbiased and reliable analysis of your needs. A unique service on the market.

Each requirement must be analysed in order to know the necessary resources to achieve it


No more sellers!

We protect your interests. Zappik delivers an analysis by independent experts and proposes pragmatic solutions to save time and protect your budget.

obtain a real estimation of the resources you need

Put the odds on your side

Having a detailed analysis is necessary to reduce risks and to arbitrate as you know the budgetary impact of each decision.

a detailled analysis is required to limit your project risks

You lack time? Save it!

With Zappik you express your needs simply without technical jargon. Our methodology saves you dozens of hours of work and meetings.

start your project without delay and respect the deadline

Expertise is essential, freedom too!

Zappik has a pool of experts specialized in all areas to deliver a reliable and unbiased analysis. You are free to follow their advice. If you are satisfied, ZAPPIK can take over the execution.

take the right decision. your project analysis is reliable.


A 3-step analysis

easy project requirements gathering without technical knowledge

You express your needs

Thanks to our software you express your needs simply, without technical jargon or special knowledge.

Get a tree of your project needs analysed and quoted

We analyze the resources

Our group of experts translates, analyzes and breaks down your project into a tree of technical needs and resources to mobilize.

Your project budget is reliable with real average prices of resources

You get the optimized budget

The system consults the provider rates on remote work platforms and performs a statistical analysis to obtain the optimized budget with managed remote execution.


You are free

You can compare

The solutions proposed by our experts allow you to compare with those that offer you providers.

You can decide

By knowing the detailed cost estimate for each of your needs, you can decide which ones have the best value for your business to prioritize.

You can have it done

You can start your project without delay by ordering the necessary resources ongoing. No binding contract or risky engagement.


help and information +33 977 197 070

  • E-mail & chat support
  • 2 levels of details
  • Online access
  • Estimation of resources
  • Comparison of costs
  • delivery in 48h max
  • Dedicated manager
  • E-mail & chat support
  • 3 levels of details
  • Estimation of resources
  • Comparison of costs
  • PDF report
  • delivery in 48h max
  • Dedicated manager
  • E-mail & chat support
  • 3 levels of details
  • Technical alternatives
  • Estimation of resources
  • Comparison of costs
  • PDF report
  • delivery in 72h max

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