Reach your goals with project success

The success of your projects determines the future of your business. Get rid of operational management issues. Our system coordinate thousands of tasks, so you just have to play your essential role: to decide.

You get the result, that's all.

You decide better

Our method allows you to make the right decisions in real time. We put them into action by envolving the best resources at the right time to produce the results.

you decide better

You move faster

Competition is a matter of speed. Thanks to our remote jobs management, you immediately have all the necessary resources to surpass your competitors.

surpass your competitors

You are free to choose

No binding contract, no obligation, no recruitment, no administrative difficulty. You are freed from the usual worries to concentrate only on the essential: your goal.

stay focussed on your goal

You go ahead safely

Our innovative methodology protects you from litigation risks with service providers. Our micro-task management isolates problems when they occur to solve them more easily.

go ahead safely with our support


An army of remote workers managed for you

dialog easily along your project

Daily dialogue

A PROJECT MAESTRO orchestrates your project according to your instructions. He talks to you on a daily basis, and keeps you informed of its progress.

a dedicated project manager works at your side

Execution well managed

Our team of expert project managers analyzes, recruits, describes the missions, controls, frames and manages the daily tasks performed by freelancers around the world.

delivery of your project

Getting the results

You involve your project by successive addition of done tasks. You give your feedback, validate or ask for changes to get in-fine the result that suits you.


Simplify your life

Estimate your project

You save time

No more writing detailed specifications or knowing who will achieve. You start up your projects without having to recruit, in agility.

You optimize

All resources are optimized to lower your budget. This is the end of the FIXED CHARGES that weigh down your business and prevent you from moving forward.

It's less worry

Your role is to decide. We take care of everything else. Stay focussed on your business, not on the difficulty of daily management of providers.


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