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Managing a project or knowing how to express your needs requires understanding and mastering your role. To go further in project management under Zappik Method, you will learn to take control of a project according to your profile, Project Owner or Project Maestro. Our trainers intervene in coaching along a project, video sessions and face-to-face training in companies.

The world is changing. Change before you have to

Training to fast project management

Project Coaching

Our Project Maestros trainers can help you in additional support to the projects where you are involved. You learn by the example on real cases and increase your skillset without having to assimilate a heavy theoretical methodology way too disconnected from reality.

Workshops & seminars

Our trainers organize short workshops and seminars to work concisely in group interaction and learn step by step project management with Zappik method.


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The book

Originally created to accelerate the development of Digital applications, Zappik Method has become a reference for the making of all projects achievable remotely. Zappik Method Book is available in both paper and e-reader format.

Project Maestro, a job for tomorrow


A job for tomorrow

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A Project Maestro is a senior project management expert, augmented by the outsourced resource management capability provided by Zappik's platform. His(her) mission is to protect the interests of project leaders by seeking solutions in a neutral way and out of any conflict of interest.


Managing projects is a desperate role in most large organizations. With Zappik Method a Project Maestro has no limit other than the budget of the project owner. His(her) management is efficient and produces immediate results thanks to the resources always available.


The role of Project Maestro is very rewarding. He(she) is the conductor who will make possible the most innovative projects and that will produce the most benefit for the Project Owners. He(she) is the central character who unblocks situations and who has all the levers in hand making projects to succeed.


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