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Zappik Method frees companies by allowing them to move forward without resource constraints thanks to remote expertise.

"Change before you have to"


Zappik method comes from the experimentation of projects managed in agility with relocated resources for more than 10 years.

Validated step by step during tests on real projects, it drastically simplifies the role of the prime contractor thanks to management processes framed by an online platform.

It is the only project management methodology that integrates the contractual process and the framing by a digital tool to enable the rapid realization of projects.

Zappik method reduces costs and risks to ensure the best chance of successful business projects.


The Zappik method is a method using the principle of Agility to free project leaders from the constraints of fixed perimeters that too often lead to failure and disproportionate costs with the initial stake of the project.

It allows the project leader to assume his decisions at a lower risk by limiting the stakes of each task performed by remote professionals. It ensures the balance of the contractual relationship with service providers through short processes to deal immediately with litigation and problems that arise.

It especially allows the project leader to change his mind, accelerate, slow down or cancel a project whenever he wants to protect his interests.


The Zappik method relies on the use of a software platform that allows all actors to be part of the methodology without having to learn a heavy theory or apply complex procedures.

The use of a single software simplifies and accelerates the implementation of projects while limiting the risk of litigation due to data transfer errors in separate software.

Understand the method

The book of the Zappik method is available in printed format or for e-readers.

It will only take you 2 to 3 hours to read the Book. Easy to undertand, this essential book gives you the keys to understand the interactions between the actors of a digital project and how to stimulate your growth with the orchestration of distant skills.

Initially created for the precision of IT developments, the methodology is now accessible to all projects that can be done remotely.


Simplify your life

Estimate your project

An army of pros

Battalions of remote experts are available to execute your strategy. Contract for each of them is complicated, long and painful. Let us do!

Execution now simple

Don't worry about contracting on each platform, controlling a stack of contractual and accounting documents, we simplify everything to you.

Ideas come real

You move quickly without having to worry about the usual hassle to find resources, engage them on your projects, control them. Take out your projects!


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