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Zappik comes from the initial vision of Denis R., digital expert, who since the beginning of the Internet has understood that the implementation of decentralized tasks would disrupt the way we work. By the early 2000s he was already using the skills of specialists located around the world to carry out the projects of his company and customers.

Thanks to this contribution of distant skills impossible to recruit locally, he was able to grow his online media company, which has since become the market leader in its field.

For 15 years his company has been able to serve his clients better, cheaper, faster and with more results than all his competitors who have finally disappeared.

The outsourcing of remote resources made the difference thanks to the immediate use of the just necessary skills to carry out the projects of his customers.

The emergence of platforms

Thanks to the development of the Internet, remote work platforms have emerged and structured this market, which has grown steadily in recent years.

The Gig Economy has appeared. Millions of professionals are now delivering their online skills to companies that have realized the interest of no longer recruiting employees to perform specific tasks.

However, the daily management and monitoring of projects with these stakeholders have become very problematic. The resources can be located at thousands of Km and they are often speaking another language, having another culture and living in other timezones.

Denis R. had to face these problems that he solved by proposing to his customers to adopt a new mode of management. It was the beginnings of Zappik Method.

remote freelancing management

Methodology serving projects

For years, Denis R. has experimented, tested and validated the practices that allowed him to obtain the best result for his clients. The first version of the methodology was named OAE (Outsourced Agile Engineering).

This method required the development of a software platform to frame the processes of the methodology. Denis R. then decided to devote himself 100% to this project and set up the team of outsourced developers responsible for implementing the platform according to his own methodology.

The platform and the processes were run with the first clients in beta-testing and Denis R. decided to publish his methodology under the name Zappik Method.

ZAPPIK method, a major innovation in management

The Zappik method creates a new paradigm in project realization. It starts from the premise that resources are immediately available and usable according to the needs that are revealed to be in progress.

No need to wait for a resource to be available. Each resource can be mobilized just at the right time to produce the best value for the project. The start is immediate, the resources being estimated according to a statistical collection process on the freelancing platforms.

The Zappik method primarily establishes a balanced relationship between the client and its service providers and a maximum reduction of stakes by reducing the scope of each task. All processes are automatically framed by the dedicated software that supports the methodology.

It's the digitized project management that was missing in a world every day more digitized.

Zappik Platform

Our vision

The end of the organization of work around wage system

Salaried employment will gradually disappear as the organization of work becomes decentralized. The work as we conceive it will also disappear with the massive arrival of robotization and artificial intelligence.

There is only one way to quietly apprehend this changing movement of our society: to be a part of the change instead of undergoing it. As such, Zappik is an example.

To us, a company must not intend to subjugate by work but to liberate the creativity and the power of achievement of people instead.

Collaboration around a project must be voluntary and not imposed by a hierarchy. Neither must the work impose unbearable constraints such as having employees commuting for hours to perform tasks they can perform from home...

It is on the basis of the fact that the world of work is totally unsuited to the Internet age that we collectively decided to join Denis R.'s vision: to allow any company to liberate itself by releasing it remote resource management.


Simplify your life

Estimate your project

An army of pros

Battalions of remote experts are available to execute your strategy. Contract for each of them is complicated, long and painful. Let us do!

Execution now simple

Don't worry about contracting on each platform, controlling a stack of contractual and accounting documents, we simplify everything to you.

Ideas come real

You move quickly without having to worry about the usual hassle to find resources, engage them on your projects, control them. Take out your projects!


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